scuti likes programming, linux, gardening, and video games.

My full-length blogs may be niche, but just about anything goes in the microblog.

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Site Updates

2023 Jul 21
Sign my guestbook.
2023 Apr 17
Made new web pages on my Minetest adventures: Minetest: Digilines Vending Machine
2023 Feb 22
New blog on an old project: reflex2q3 retrospect
2023 Feb 05
New blog post: Leetcode in Ada (#4).
2023 Jan 30
teknik.io is no longer online. So I will be updating some links on the site.
2023 Apr 17
Minetest: Digilines Vending Machine

Local lich delivers tasty snacks to the hungry virtual denizens of Minetest using the digilines mod pack and the Lua programming language.

2023 Mar 02
Leetcode in Ada (#9)

Determining whether a number is a palindrome.

2023 Feb 22
reflex2q3 retrospect

Converting video game maps from Reflex Arena to Quake 3.

2023 Feb 07
Leetcode in Ada (#4)

Solving for the median of two sorted arrays using an unsupported programming language.


hanvon-linux C

Userspace pen tablet driver written with libusb and libevdev.

reflex2q3 C++

Converts Reflex Arena maps for use in Quake 3 map editors.

00-adaprogramming Ada

Programs written and challenges undertaken with the Ada programming language.

xdfcgi C, SQL, Python

Website CGI (or page generator) to display Race CTS leaderboards of a Xonotic server.

cppia C++

Experimental PeerTube client with libtorrent's webtorrent branch.